Friday, May 3, 2013

Aligning or Resisting - a Constant Polarity

Consciousness in Interaction

In our polar Universe we often feel the need to either align (agree) or resist (disagree) with a point of view.  It may be a thought presented on the news or by a friend or even a relative. 

Just about all the elections in recent years have been so polar that some family members and friends have stopped talking to each other over their divergent point of views.  Whole businesses are set-up to ensure we "choose" one of the sides.  Facebook and other social media sites are replete with status messages and postings admonishing other for holding a differing point of view of the author.

We seem to feel that if we don't hold an opinion about something we aren't quite doing our part.  There must be some inherent truth and if we aren't aligned with something we must be off, illiterate or uncaring.

A Different Way

What if in either aligning or resisting, we are not only creating more of what we don't want but we are shrinking our energies to fit into a world that doesn't really serve us in the first place?

To act from a place of polarization, choose sides and "speak up," we weaken our own ability to generate energy in consciousness.  Consciousness is inherently non-polar.  If I instead see every point of view as interesting and receive it all, I am in the flow, and I am not blocking anything.

When I am not blocking energy and receiving in totality, I can be more of "Me" - I am not cutting off my foot just to align with you because I want to be your friend or get a job or impress you.  It's not that you can't or won't choose a point of view, but can you do this and maintain that points of view in general are just plain interesting. 

What's the difference?

One of these tactics is non-judgmental in nature.  You can be on the opposite end of the political spectrum from me, and I can say, "wow, your point of view is interesting..."  That's remaining in the flow while still choosing a path to take for myself that works. 

The other version, is what we see almost everywhere these days, judging you for your opposing point of view, not accepting that you have anything worthwhile to say and making you bad.  In doing so, I cut off the flow of energy in receiving which may show up in my health issues, my money, my lack of ability to relate to anyone outside my defined group.  I become smaller, my world more restricted and if I want to relate to you, I have to, in some way not be conscious or real at all.

Unconscious Relating 

Most people seem to think relating involves either aligning or agreeing so that the other person "feels good" about themselves and we are "relating" or disagreeing with the other person and blocking the interaction.  But what if the more we cut off parts of ourselves to take these limited points of view, we are diminishing our light and our true BE-ing?

In instances where we are defending a particular point of view (including one in which I am just a part of me in order to please you), I am essentially blocked from the parts of myself that don't hold the same point of view.  We could use the example of the gregarious, fun personality who has to stop "flirting" in order to please the date who is jealous or believes that a person can't be super social if they are "with" you.

Before long, the party that becomes "smaller" to please the other, comes into quiet or full-blown resentment over the activity, even though it was their choice to relate this way.  Fights, and the need to control the environment become their way of being and a type of depression may even set in.  If they have been conditioned to feel that all relationships must be this polar and contentious, they will keep trying to please the other person, all the while finding ways to control - maybe escaping with constant work or travel, or not answering calls etc.

Conscious Relating

A conscious relator is whole  unto themselves.  They aren't cutting off pieces and parts and only acting themselves under limited circumstances.  They may be fun and flirtatious, they may be serious, they may crack silly jokes or speak on a difficult subject.  They are who they are and fully present. 

They relate to others in order to more fully express their true nature and when they choose to be in an intimate relationship, it is so they can create a type of awesome fire and combustion that makes both parties MORE of themselves, not less.

Start to practice just seeing everything as an interesting point of view...see if it opens you up to be more you and begin to see the flow restored in all areas of your life.

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