Friday, May 31, 2013

Epic Consciousness

What would it be like if we chose to be completely aware?

What kind of potency in life could you have if you were in complete allowance of yourself and others?

What if who you are, IS the answer to the world changing for the better?

All these questions and more have been presented to me as a part of my learning about Access Consciousness.  What I love about Access is that it doesn't matter what ideological background you come from, you can ask questions and open up the possibilities in your life.  You become more of you, not a cookie cutter of some other person's point of view.

In my thoughts lately, I have ventured into the deep recesses of my own soul to see what needs to be cleared - my fixed points of view - that keep me from really expressing the totality of me.  It may be that epic journey we will take as our whole life.  A one-day-at-a-time sojourn into being the best we can be.

It's not always easy to be on the journey of awareness.  There are days when my awareness of others' judgements and thoughts brings me to my knees.  Needless to say, in the past I would have put some block or bubble around those thoughts and cut off my receiving of them.  That's what so many gurus and empaths speak about in classes or teachings.  Just cut those horrible things off and you'll be better.  Those nasty people out there who can hurt us....get rid of FB friends, or dysfunctional people, they all say.

What they are essentially saying, however, it to stop "receiving" and when you stop receiving you cannot truly be connected in oneness with others.  Moreover, you can't be at one with yourself. Before you know it, shadows are popping up everywhere - people trying to take advantage, wife beaters and haters.  Health issues and unchangeable circumstances beyond your control  - or so it appears.  The more you try to hide, the more the Law of Attraction, sends you what you don't want.

The key then, is to accept it all.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  When the totality of our experience is present, we have a clear choice what we allow into our reference.  We see it as receiving.  So the crazy person who is willing to hurt themselves by being rude is a neutral party over there making his own damned choices.  Wow, too bad for him he has lost all awareness of his connection.

The pure connection to the source of all that one who is connected would willingly hurt another because in so doing, they would only hurt themselves.

We cannot change how other people think or what choices they make - in fact, trying to do so will only say more about you than the other person.  It will be a perpetual job you give yourself to stop your own receiving and your own awareness.  What if you saw instead that moment as an opportunity to look within, to shift that part of you that IS the other person "out there."  Maybe you aren't very kind to yourself?  Do you get up in the morning and say nasty things to yourself in the mirror about your butt being too big or your face too saggy?

What if that mirror out there on FB is really the judgement of you, you are aware of reflected back in some random statement.  What if the person is, in their own way trying to help you SEE yourself?  True, there are people I choose not to spend a lot of energy on or with - in totality, I don't judge myself for keeping my distance.  I don't cut them off, I simply heighten my awareness of the other choices.  It works both ways. 

I want to make a call for Epic Consciousness.  You may not change the world today and get every hater or perceived crazy person to be nice and stop the violence.  Just start with you.  Start with the places in your own soul that are like dark seeds festering in self judgement and lack of awareness about how amazing you truly are.  Act with others how you would want to be treated, not how you are treated.  And stop, in the end trying to teach other people lessons or think you get how the world SHOULD work...

Because in my mind the world works amazingly with all its good, bad, ugly, amazing brilliance it is transitioning into an awareness never before seen....and it begins with YOU.

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