Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's True?

What I See

One of the things I notice on my daily Facebook travels is the almost constant need for people to tell me what is true for them in a way that suggests they think it should be true for me also.

Having convictions about things is certainly not a bad thing - if we don't have a moral and personal compass we're going to be subject to a constant influence of others with no way to "test" that against anything.  A person who is like this, is often termed "boundary-less" or "lacking boundaries."  They are like a ship without a steer mechanism and their lives often exhibit the quality of no conviction or direction.

Nevertheless, there is an equal lack of boundaries that comes from insisting you are right and others are wrong and your personal feelings are the only way to go about things.


The planet is a very diverse place and has opportunities for everyone to experience a variety of ways of being in the world.

We also limit our possibilities by being too rigid about our particular point of view.  It may mean that we go out and seek "evidence" to back up our point of view, never seeing that there is an equal amount of evidence for other points of view.  It's way the Access Consciousness folks have a clearing statement called "Interesting Point of View..."

Granted, if you are running a business - you will have developed a point of view or structure that shapes what you put out there and attracts a certain client - normally called an "ideal" client as your business base.

Usually, this comes about after you have decided that you'd like to concentrate on a particular client base who are attracted by a particular language and set of ideals.  Again, nothing wrong with setting up a focus like this.  Even this blog has a focus and a particular mindset about it that won't be for every human being on the planet.

I am still cognizant, however that my point of view, is going to be true for some people and not others.  It isn't the only way to live life nor the right way but for the right person, my viewpoint could express something which allows them to expand their life or their business in a way that is True for them also.

What is True?

I have heard many energetic healers speak of how we feel when we make decisions.  A good way to to gauge if something is True for you, is to check-in to your body about how you feel when you hear a speaker, read a blog like this one or take in an "opinion" or "viewpoint," that someone is espousing.

Christie Marie Sheldon, the abundance and vibration guru has a muscle testing format she uses.  She has the client say "yes yes yes" and express what their body feels like.  Then say, "no no no" and feel what that feels like in their body.  With some practice and repetition, you should find yourself developing a pretty accurate intuition that gives you a clear "Yes" - this is true/good for me, and a clear, "No" - this is not True/Good for me.

As you begin to use this to test "viewpoints" rather than just take them on as right or true, you'll find yourself more in alignment with an appropriate set of decisions that is good for you.  Realize, it may not be good for someone else.

One example that is popular, is the insistence that veganism or vegetarianism is a right choice for everyone.  I almost guarantee if you muscle test food choices, you will find that while this may be an 'interesting point of view' for those people who say that they feel better and look better with a vegetable-oriented diet change, it may not be that interesting or "True for you."  Visa versa applies.

Communicating What Is True

In interpersonal relations it will likely become necessary to communicate what is True for you to others who may or may not have the same thoughts, opinions and conditions you do in life.  It's all well and good when things are superficial to quietly or silently say "interesting point of view," to something you hear someone saying when you don't care to actually relate to them going forward.

But let's say you are in a serious romantic relationship or deep friendship - what then?  Well, hopefully with the right "consciously" minded people surrounding you, you can feel free to speak up about your differences in these areas.

You may have to set boundaries or make agreements about what you are willing to do when there is a conflict in what is True for either party.  Most relationships run sour when a person holds onto what is True for them, insists the other person "take it on," or else and aren't willing to allow the other person to hold a separate and valid "truism."

What kind of possibilities could exist in a relationship if you are able to consciously create an agreement to openly accept what is True for each other, and enjoy each other's company?  Sure, in romantic bonds, you may have to determine in the dating phase, if the number of things that are differences are worth the agro.

After all, you really should have more in common and "true" than not, but still form a dynamic partnership in which the differences actually add to the affection and create amazing shifts in each other toward being better people in general.

If the differences are so great, and only cause friction, it may be time to re-evaluate the compatibility of the relationship.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Your Creation Is Based on You

I had a friend email me about my job search, asking me if I really wanted what I said I wanted. The good Project Managers, he said aren't that easy to get along with the 'best ones' are a slave to the project and their personal lives take a back seat."

What was my response?

I am creating this job and I am in charge of the creation. While I may create future positions that are different from this one, I am a slave to no one. The job will be a fit to me, I won't fit myself to the perceived notions of what the role entails.

I am a driven person who has been known to work late into the night on projects I enjoy. I also know how to work energy so I am in the flow with things. Rather than stress myself out or take on the stress of others, I read the energy to determine the best time to complete actions.

I know well, also when it is better to create and work with the energies in anticipation of action. This may appear like sleeping, yoga, walks and going to movies to name a few. This has nothing to do with laziness, it's actually way more efficient. I take a action when the energy of creation prompts me too. That means the likelihood of my success with some aspect of a project is high.

I don't need nor want to create a drama/stress loop to feel pressured to get things done 'out of time.'

What would the planet be like if we were all part of the mission to recognize that physical realities are created by energy and consciousness - first? That there is an innate timing to things and if we are surfing with that time, we'll see things flourish beyond our wildest dreams?

Back to the job creation - the right conscious company will arise from my being aligned to my true self and they'll want what I bring to the table, not the other way around.

I recently got an email from the thought leader Christopher Howard's email list. He's searching for people who are willing to travel to Bali for three months, be trained in his methodologies and be given room and board to do it.

The best part of that job is not the tropical location, or even being trained by Chris - although both are great. It's that he is consciously creating a workplace.

He's more concerned with the spiritual co-creation than 'getting things done.' Employees will be required to do yoga, deal with what comes up spiritually and work on the timetable that exhibits flow.

He's not the only conscious/mindful business. So, why feel you have to work someplace where you have to bend your values to get paid?

Define what you want in atmosphere, know your values and what you bring to the table. Go after what you want.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Twin Relationship


Secret letter written to the one code-named "Stan" on August 15th, 2013:

Dear Stan:

I don't know if it is the end of it all, or the beginning...time will tell.  I completely appreciate all the questions you have and will try to answer them as I go alongIt may, in the end be easier to write out the whole story, or the parts that I know...

There are many websites and new age materials on the relationship known as the "Twin Flame."  There are many personal accounts and thoughts about what this is or is not, and also plenty of people simply using it as another term for that one true love they are seeking "out there, if he or she would just show up already."

Most people don't really have a good grasp of what a "Twin Flame" is and/or mistake it for something they want like a romantic comedy.

It matters not the theory or the example - as each relationship that comes under this title is quite different.

The Twin is first and foremost an "energy" and therefore is not about anything humans would term a relationship.  That can be really disappointing from the human perspective because we watch movies or watch our friends be in relationships and we want to feel loved or cherished, or we want a playmate or we want kids, or we want companions.

If we are in a lifetime which focuses on the twin, it may or may not be THE lifetime in which the relationship bears physical fruit - another disappointment ensues.  Although, I think it is a light disappointment, perhaps because a twin who has a destiny plan to articulate in the physical is pretty dogmatic about it from the point of awareness and beyond.

We are in a unique time now, and twin relationships are bearing fruit in many places all over the world.  It is not for me to go into details of how you get together with your twin, if you have a twin or if you should bother believing in it at all.  You can certainly seek readings and/or assistance from professionals who have articulated working in this arena should you really wish to explore your options or soul destiny plans.

My personal journey of working with twin energy has been a decidedly long one in human terms.  Most people want a relationship or a date, they don't want a lifetime project or set of trials to follow.

Looking back, even if I was not conscious of the twin, the twin and I were working together.

We had a plan and the plan was going to be executed.  There is a story to this plan.  The story begins a long ago in a time that some consider fictional but was not entirely - at the beginning of the creation of this place called earth.  There are other places from which energy is derived - other dimensions and spaces.  It was in these places that the idea was born to have this planet exist that you are currently living in.  If you want a good accounting of these concepts - get a copy of Susann Shier's book, "Soul Mastery."

But I digress, slightly.  Working with the twin energy is not about a relationship in the common sense of the word at all.  It is a metaphysical journey toward the purpose of that particular helix or set of intertwined energies.  In the case of my twin, we were healing a set of structures that had been created during a period of time when unconscious thought patterns had led people to create beings and structures that were essentially ego-based in nature.

These structures had continued through recorded history, re-creating stories time and again, until the twin relationship had enough self-awareness to tackle the issue at hand.  That's many many lifetimes of going around in circles.

We were not the only ones captured by the structures we had created.  We were like prisoners to them and so were many of you, who knew something wasn't quite right or were even unconscious of the pattern in which you existed.

The structures were complex in nature with a kind of ill-intent surrounding them - a darkness.  Not evil in the biblical sense.  We do not believe in that concept, but a small-mindedness, if you will that would have my needs, for example be more important than yours.  That would see you as separate from me and worth manipulating.

In re-experiencing the unconscious phase, we would be required to climb our way out of the structures and learn about them - to become aware of their existence and head toward a journey of "wholeness," each on their own path.  One member of the helix carried the nature of the structure in their soul blueprint as a kind of overlay to their interpretation of things.  It was once described as "carrying the bag," for the others.

In awareness, it became necessary to experience the result of the structures as a series of events and happenings that lead to a new conclusion.  In concluding, the next phase of healing could be conducted.  A catharsis may happen when one thought the healing complete, and then the next "hit" or wave would show up and another round of discovery was required.

We had determined in another time and place that the years leading to the Shift of 2012, the Mayan Prophesy, so unwittingly misinterpreted, would be the most opportune to remove the structures we had created.

They are asking me to begin to tell this story go back in time and give an accounting of what I know about my journey.  Take it as fiction or as fact, it does not matter.  You will learn what you need to when you read the pages that follow.

Whatever your journey, I wish you well in the time you are done reading my writing, you may wonder if anything you have ever experienced is real...and ask yourself, if the world as you know it exists at all.  It's a dangerous business, really.



Author Note:  This is a work in progress and is therefore in draft form and subject to change and I am sure later, editing. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Reformatting the Energy Circuits


So what's it going to take to live in the new energies of the planet?  Dr. Dain (Access Consciousness) would have us run a bunch of clearing statements.  If you haven't found him yet, I suggest you sign up for his emails and maybe even his classes. 

Recently, I wrote to a friend I've known for around four years.  In the email, I referred to my observations regarding a relationship he's been in in which the possibilities were limited.  I said, "Go after what you really want."

What does this mean?  Go after what you really want....

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to observe a couple who had been together ten years and are married now.  He mentioned in a joking way that whenever he cracks jokes, she rolls her eyes and doesn't take much humor in them anymore.  In watching them, I noticed that while they were energetically compatible, they were disconnected.  

If they continue on this path, like this...the door to intimacy will eventually close and then they'll be in the divorce court wondering what happened and/or angry at each other that "he took the best years of my life" or something like that.

At least, they are energetically compatible.  Not everyone is when they marry or get together.  But I bet most people don't bother to pay attention to the energy of things at this level.  

I took a job a year ago for a certain set of reasons that in hindsight were based on the limiting thinking I held at the time in my energy field.  The results have been limited ever since and the conclusion I had to eventually draw, was that I needed to "reformat" the career development.

The Nitty Gritty of it All

It is not easy to admit to oneself that conclusions we drew at one time in the past were based on a limiting set of beliefs or understandings and that those have led us to a place - a dead end.  Maybe it is not "dead" exactly but it certainly didn't result in the desired outcome.  And yet, it is pretty clear that we were "kidding" ourselves from the beginning.

Well meaning friends, family and society may not be in a position to foster forward momentum or change.  In the case of relationships - many people around us are in negative or incompatible relationships "trying" to make them work or justifying their existence in the first place.  How are they are going to aid a person in breaking that mold and "going after what they really want" when they can't do it themselves. 

In the case of the couple who are disconnected, they may not have learned the tools to foster connection.  In fact, they may unconsciously be re-creating the concept of relationship that was given to them in the family structure of their upbringing.  

When a young couple says "well we've been together ten years so well, you know, things just aren't that funny anymore," I think to myself - they bought into a "matrix" or set of beliefs that marriages become boring and dull and you can't say connected.  

In the positively aligned relationships I know of, the couple are intimately connected and share a desire to make each other happy.  They might recognize through the noticing of signals of one sort or another, "what is going on over there, she isn't laughing at my jokes..." and maybe delving into why that might be.  They are consistently dancing in the moment with each other and delighting in the connection - cracking jokes I know she likes because then I see that radiant smile.  

In conducting their relationship this way, they are consciously aligning with a set of beliefs that say, "my partner and I can stay connected and happy and we can share an amazing intimacy and grow into better versions of ourselves in the process."

Same with career development - there are plenty of examples in life of people going after what they want in career and achieving the desired results.  I know for some people, it is easy to switch jobs due to a fantastic network, the fact their skill set is awesome and they believe they deserve it no matter what the economy looks like.

Most of us don't live in that matrix - we live in poverty consciousness, believe that the economy limits our possibilities and that our previous choices mean that we are doomed forever to a path that doesn't work for us.

Next Steps

Recognition - if you can become conscious of your situation before it explodes or you get that divorce paper in the mail - may be half the battle - but what's next?

Hearing from an outside party that it is clear you are not happy when you are around a certain person you have been dating, may be hard to hear, at first and perhaps ruffle feathers and yet it may be the first step in becoming conscious of why you are going through the motions, not asking for more from life. 

Realize, too that the reason you brought someone into your life who is willing to call you on unconscious behavior, is because you really truly desire something more.  If you didn't you wouldn't have that person there - they are simply reflecting something you know is true.

Fostering agreements early on in relationships, that allow for direct communication about what you are feeling is key to forwarding momentum when you get to a stuck place later on.  Sometimes it takes one person to "snap out of it" and be willing to say, "I'd prefer a different kind of joke" or "What can we do to reconnect to that happy joyful place."  Date nights, a vacation, simply communicating more and certainly removing outworn beliefs systems about the seven year itch, or the 10 year doldrums would be good moves.

If you entered an incompatible relationship, all for the wrong reasons based on the limiting beliefs you had when you entered it, and you recognize that you are at a "dead end." it may be time to stop "trying to make it work" and move on.  It is OK to not try every possible avenue to "fix it."  

Moving the Energy

As for the career, in recognizing that I had a set of limiting beliefs a year ago- I could see the reasons I had agreed to the circumstances at hand.  In some ways, the path had given me some breathing room to discover what I really wanted and do some healing work.  It wasn't all bad, but no point in beating a dead horse.

I had several conversations early on both about the financial arrangement and the fact I was over-qualified with mentors and astute friends and in the end, the conclusion we drew at the beginning was most certainly the result I got.   The position to be able to change the format of something while still in it requires that you entered a compatible arrangement at the beginning - then there is room to redefine and move forward.

The couple, should they choose to take a a conscious path now, have the opportunity to grow forward because they are energetically compatible and love each other on a deep level.  

In the case of the ill-fitting relationship and the ill-fitting job, another technique will have to be employed in shifting the structure.  The first step is to define a new structure - in my case, I spent the last six months releasing the limiting beliefs that had me choosing it in the first place, and then working with mentors and friends to define what it was I wanted to see in its place.

Even if you are largely unconscious of the process of redefining what you want, know that on a higher level most of us are doing this every day.  The environment itself will begin to be uncomfortable.  The relationship dynamics will keep insisting your address the incongruency.  The harder you try the less happy you will feel trying and eventually the structure will disband.  But why wait so long?

How can it get any better than this?

While it may take time and consistent application of the new form, the Universe or energy will respond to the shift and move into the new structure.  You may during this time experience the uncomfortable nature of being in two worlds - you are no longer defined by the old structure or relationship, but you may still be in it and you know you are no longer the person who would make that choice.

The well-meaning friends mentioned above may not know what to do with you and may council you to forget that new thing and be happy being comfortable like they are.  Be wary of that energy that wants to keep you stagnant. They may also try harder to please you - think of the disbanding relationship - that person may try to make some changes that appear like they are worth "trying again" wary of that too. 

Going for what you truly want may not be easy and you most definitely will find yourself questioning the sanity of trying more than once.  It is unusual to be that forward in making personal change a priority over comfort and fear-based thinking.

You may find yourself questioning if the new energy structure is really want you wanted or if you were kidding yourself.  Realize it is you at the deeper level of your being that asked to create a new structure - you already chose it, now you are reforming/reformatting to move into that space.  

Try and enjoy the process even when it stinks.  It will get better and that new relationship and job will be so amazing and fun because you were willing to step into the highest level of what you are capable of achieving and not take no for an answer.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Wagon

What kind of paradigm shift would you have if you noticed that one of the structures you were hauling around was a large covered wagon filled with people, places and things that you were dragging around?

What do I mean by this?

Well, look around.  Do you feel as if there are friendships in place where you are forever telling them how to get places?  Do you work in a situation where you are weighed down with the particulars of your job - tired all the time, not getting anywhere on the career front, dealing with the same old stories going in circles?

Yep!  You got yourself a big wagon....

Until you are willing to empty that wagon and be in your own BEING, free from hangers on, there is very little real creating that is getting done.  You are only going to go as far as those folks and situations you are dragging around in the wagon.

Think about it.  If you have a friend that means well but isn't getting things as fast as you are, or has limiting beliefs in place about what is possible and you go to that friend and explain your new thoughts and possibilities - it won't take long before the energy that they are, brings you down a peg or two and removes the possibilities you just expanded upon.

Same with the job - they won't like the change that you are and will try to take you down a peg or two or say they "don't understand you."  Well, they don't - they are right about that.

You have to be absolutely willing to stand in your own space in order to be the center of your own creating.

People may like your energy and derive great pleasure and self-understanding from being in your energy field.  But the top creators of the world, the ones that write books on creating wealth or who simply go about making multi-billion dollar enterprises of  epic proportions - don't have wagons.

Read their words or listen to their speeches - they aren't carrying around "hangers on" who love their energy field but aren't producing.  In fact, many of them have garnered reputations for being "assholes" because the people in the wagon get pissed off when they are tossed out.  What if they just had to cut the loss and move on?

Sounds harsh?  Maybe - but what might be more harsh is what it feels like the rest of your life to pull around a wagon full of people who fill up on your being but aren't willing to create their own Universe.

And for unconscious thinkers - even ones who think they are conscious but are not in some areas of their lives, they won't even know they are creating that structure of "The Wagon" with you.  It will feel awesome to them, potentially.  You might hear things like "You are so fun!"  Or "When I am around you, I feel amazing...."

But they really should feel amazing on their own....when a person interacts with you, they should bring their own brand of amazing feel goodness and so should you.  End of story.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Truth in Organizations

Not too long ago, I was on the phone with Raja & Santia speaking about living from True Self.

It gave me pause.  Everything is made of energy - even when it looks solid.  I read recently that all things are made of 99.99% space.  Wow!

Think of systems such as organizations.  They are made up of thoughts - energy - and appear solid - we each have specific functions and titles, paper we move each day, phone calls we make etc.

And yet, very few organizations consider the the sum total of their parts or even how they function in an energetic sense.  Individuals bring in all their atoms and space - beliefs, projections, old stories and artifacts and come together in an energetic synergy that has its own form of propulsion.

How is your system running itself?

When organizations fail or flounder, it may behoove them too have a person look at the "energy" of the system.  Where is the space? Where are the blocks to flow?  What are the thoughtforms and set-ups (constructs) that create the outcomes?

I see organizations living in a time-space warp.  They are linked to idealogies and thoughtforms that hamper them moving into the next phase of existence.  I hate to say it - but the next phase of existence may be as another entity or even a merged entity.  Some business owners are so attached to the outcome of the structure as it appears, they don't even see the future of the flow of energy in the system.

The group is surprised then when someone else, with a more agile idea and concept, based in a higher level of consciousness arise out of "thin air" with a similar idea and energy and then take over the "market share."

If you were to approach things from a systems energetic standpoint, however, you would have seen such a thing occurring long before it happened.  It may even have been possible to become that organization you see taking over before the energy switched spaces.

Energy is like a river - and will end up in the space of least resistance.  Unfortunately, if you are stuck in ego and pounding the pavement of the old way (even if you think it is new), you'll see someone else doing it better before too long.  Expansion can happen quickly, especially if others are open and you are not.

What about in a personal sense?  Where is your energy flow?  Where are you blocked?

Earlier today, I was watching a short promotional video created by a renowned healer.  She showed the viewer her method for shifting energy blocks.  I replicated her technique for myself - as I have an understanding of the system she was using - and felt amazing results and certain blocks were lifted.

What it felt like was energy flowing and that "bouncy" feeling returned to my step and to my whole being.  I was living from my True Self.

The problem I see most people encounter (who are their own organization by the way) is that they perceive or have been taught that system dynamics are real.  Because they perceive systems as real, they lack the space to see the possibilities for change in a given situation.

If I seek to change an organization or system, I would first be willing to "witness" the system at work.  I would have to rise up out of the story playing out before me, look at the people and situations like a play that has a theme and then re-work the theme.  Dr. Dain Heer from Access Consciousness would use a clearing statement that starts with a willingness to "uncreate and destroy" the structure.

Let's say you have a relationship dynamic with a particular person - it seems to play out no matter what you do to try and change it on the surface.  In order for the individuals in question to act in a different play, you would need to "uncreate and destroy" the system that is currently looping or playing out on the stage of life.

Most people would freak out that they would destroy the relationship or rock the boat, be afraid to lose the person in question, or worry how not having that person in their life forever and ever would impact them.  Others would be afraid how rocking the boat or "breaking up" would appear to society and friends and "feel bad" because the people in the system were "nice."

While there are no guarantees that changing a system (or uncreating and destroying a structure) will result in the same players being in the play, I can assure you that it is possible that whatever happens, the play which comes next will be at a much higher level of consciousness - no matter who the actors are.

If the actors return - even with the same faces - the play and the people in it will not be the same.  It is absolutely possible to shift how people interact with you in a dynamic system if you are first willing to uncreate the previous structure that held them in the particular roles they are inhabiting.

Kind of like if you ran a playhouse with a group of actors and mid-season you scrapped the play they were working on, assigned them new roles and said, "I'd prefer to work on this new play now."

What would it be like to live from that level of possibility in your life?  What would it be like to have the willingness to uncreate and destroy outworn structures and truths and live from a place of fluid, dynamic energy that can create whole new Universes?

I can assure is possible and it is amazing!