Friday, January 18, 2013

Your Creation Is Based on You

I had a friend email me about my job search, asking me if I really wanted what I said I wanted. The good Project Managers, he said aren't that easy to get along with the 'best ones' are a slave to the project and their personal lives take a back seat."

What was my response?

I am creating this job and I am in charge of the creation. While I may create future positions that are different from this one, I am a slave to no one. The job will be a fit to me, I won't fit myself to the perceived notions of what the role entails.

I am a driven person who has been known to work late into the night on projects I enjoy. I also know how to work energy so I am in the flow with things. Rather than stress myself out or take on the stress of others, I read the energy to determine the best time to complete actions.

I know well, also when it is better to create and work with the energies in anticipation of action. This may appear like sleeping, yoga, walks and going to movies to name a few. This has nothing to do with laziness, it's actually way more efficient. I take a action when the energy of creation prompts me too. That means the likelihood of my success with some aspect of a project is high.

I don't need nor want to create a drama/stress loop to feel pressured to get things done 'out of time.'

What would the planet be like if we were all part of the mission to recognize that physical realities are created by energy and consciousness - first? That there is an innate timing to things and if we are surfing with that time, we'll see things flourish beyond our wildest dreams?

Back to the job creation - the right conscious company will arise from my being aligned to my true self and they'll want what I bring to the table, not the other way around.

I recently got an email from the thought leader Christopher Howard's email list. He's searching for people who are willing to travel to Bali for three months, be trained in his methodologies and be given room and board to do it.

The best part of that job is not the tropical location, or even being trained by Chris - although both are great. It's that he is consciously creating a workplace.

He's more concerned with the spiritual co-creation than 'getting things done.' Employees will be required to do yoga, deal with what comes up spiritually and work on the timetable that exhibits flow.

He's not the only conscious/mindful business. So, why feel you have to work someplace where you have to bend your values to get paid?

Define what you want in atmosphere, know your values and what you bring to the table. Go after what you want.

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