Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Twin Relationship


Secret letter written to the one code-named "Stan" on August 15th, 2013:

Dear Stan:

I don't know if it is the end of it all, or the beginning...time will tell.  I completely appreciate all the questions you have and will try to answer them as I go alongIt may, in the end be easier to write out the whole story, or the parts that I know...

There are many websites and new age materials on the relationship known as the "Twin Flame."  There are many personal accounts and thoughts about what this is or is not, and also plenty of people simply using it as another term for that one true love they are seeking "out there, if he or she would just show up already."

Most people don't really have a good grasp of what a "Twin Flame" is and/or mistake it for something they want like a romantic comedy.

It matters not the theory or the example - as each relationship that comes under this title is quite different.

The Twin is first and foremost an "energy" and therefore is not about anything humans would term a relationship.  That can be really disappointing from the human perspective because we watch movies or watch our friends be in relationships and we want to feel loved or cherished, or we want a playmate or we want kids, or we want companions.

If we are in a lifetime which focuses on the twin, it may or may not be THE lifetime in which the relationship bears physical fruit - another disappointment ensues.  Although, I think it is a light disappointment, perhaps because a twin who has a destiny plan to articulate in the physical is pretty dogmatic about it from the point of awareness and beyond.

We are in a unique time now, and twin relationships are bearing fruit in many places all over the world.  It is not for me to go into details of how you get together with your twin, if you have a twin or if you should bother believing in it at all.  You can certainly seek readings and/or assistance from professionals who have articulated working in this arena should you really wish to explore your options or soul destiny plans.

My personal journey of working with twin energy has been a decidedly long one in human terms.  Most people want a relationship or a date, they don't want a lifetime project or set of trials to follow.

Looking back, even if I was not conscious of the twin, the twin and I were working together.

We had a plan and the plan was going to be executed.  There is a story to this plan.  The story begins a long ago in a time that some consider fictional but was not entirely - at the beginning of the creation of this place called earth.  There are other places from which energy is derived - other dimensions and spaces.  It was in these places that the idea was born to have this planet exist that you are currently living in.  If you want a good accounting of these concepts - get a copy of Susann Shier's book, "Soul Mastery."

But I digress, slightly.  Working with the twin energy is not about a relationship in the common sense of the word at all.  It is a metaphysical journey toward the purpose of that particular helix or set of intertwined energies.  In the case of my twin, we were healing a set of structures that had been created during a period of time when unconscious thought patterns had led people to create beings and structures that were essentially ego-based in nature.

These structures had continued through recorded history, re-creating stories time and again, until the twin relationship had enough self-awareness to tackle the issue at hand.  That's many many lifetimes of going around in circles.

We were not the only ones captured by the structures we had created.  We were like prisoners to them and so were many of you, who knew something wasn't quite right or were even unconscious of the pattern in which you existed.

The structures were complex in nature with a kind of ill-intent surrounding them - a darkness.  Not evil in the biblical sense.  We do not believe in that concept, but a small-mindedness, if you will that would have my needs, for example be more important than yours.  That would see you as separate from me and worth manipulating.

In re-experiencing the unconscious phase, we would be required to climb our way out of the structures and learn about them - to become aware of their existence and head toward a journey of "wholeness," each on their own path.  One member of the helix carried the nature of the structure in their soul blueprint as a kind of overlay to their interpretation of things.  It was once described as "carrying the bag," for the others.

In awareness, it became necessary to experience the result of the structures as a series of events and happenings that lead to a new conclusion.  In concluding, the next phase of healing could be conducted.  A catharsis may happen when one thought the healing complete, and then the next "hit" or wave would show up and another round of discovery was required.

We had determined in another time and place that the years leading to the Shift of 2012, the Mayan Prophesy, so unwittingly misinterpreted, would be the most opportune to remove the structures we had created.

They are asking me to begin to tell this story go back in time and give an accounting of what I know about my journey.  Take it as fiction or as fact, it does not matter.  You will learn what you need to when you read the pages that follow.

Whatever your journey, I wish you well in the time you are done reading my writing, you may wonder if anything you have ever experienced is real...and ask yourself, if the world as you know it exists at all.  It's a dangerous business, really.



Author Note:  This is a work in progress and is therefore in draft form and subject to change and I am sure later, editing. 

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