Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Wagon

What kind of paradigm shift would you have if you noticed that one of the structures you were hauling around was a large covered wagon filled with people, places and things that you were dragging around?

What do I mean by this?

Well, look around.  Do you feel as if there are friendships in place where you are forever telling them how to get places?  Do you work in a situation where you are weighed down with the particulars of your job - tired all the time, not getting anywhere on the career front, dealing with the same old stories going in circles?

Yep!  You got yourself a big wagon....

Until you are willing to empty that wagon and be in your own BEING, free from hangers on, there is very little real creating that is getting done.  You are only going to go as far as those folks and situations you are dragging around in the wagon.

Think about it.  If you have a friend that means well but isn't getting things as fast as you are, or has limiting beliefs in place about what is possible and you go to that friend and explain your new thoughts and possibilities - it won't take long before the energy that they are, brings you down a peg or two and removes the possibilities you just expanded upon.

Same with the job - they won't like the change that you are and will try to take you down a peg or two or say they "don't understand you."  Well, they don't - they are right about that.

You have to be absolutely willing to stand in your own space in order to be the center of your own creating.

People may like your energy and derive great pleasure and self-understanding from being in your energy field.  But the top creators of the world, the ones that write books on creating wealth or who simply go about making multi-billion dollar enterprises of  epic proportions - don't have wagons.

Read their words or listen to their speeches - they aren't carrying around "hangers on" who love their energy field but aren't producing.  In fact, many of them have garnered reputations for being "assholes" because the people in the wagon get pissed off when they are tossed out.  What if they just had to cut the loss and move on?

Sounds harsh?  Maybe - but what might be more harsh is what it feels like the rest of your life to pull around a wagon full of people who fill up on your being but aren't willing to create their own Universe.

And for unconscious thinkers - even ones who think they are conscious but are not in some areas of their lives, they won't even know they are creating that structure of "The Wagon" with you.  It will feel awesome to them, potentially.  You might hear things like "You are so fun!"  Or "When I am around you, I feel amazing...."

But they really should feel amazing on their own....when a person interacts with you, they should bring their own brand of amazing feel goodness and so should you.  End of story.

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