Friday, January 4, 2013

Truth in Organizations

Not too long ago, I was on the phone with Raja & Santia speaking about living from True Self.

It gave me pause.  Everything is made of energy - even when it looks solid.  I read recently that all things are made of 99.99% space.  Wow!

Think of systems such as organizations.  They are made up of thoughts - energy - and appear solid - we each have specific functions and titles, paper we move each day, phone calls we make etc.

And yet, very few organizations consider the the sum total of their parts or even how they function in an energetic sense.  Individuals bring in all their atoms and space - beliefs, projections, old stories and artifacts and come together in an energetic synergy that has its own form of propulsion.

How is your system running itself?

When organizations fail or flounder, it may behoove them too have a person look at the "energy" of the system.  Where is the space? Where are the blocks to flow?  What are the thoughtforms and set-ups (constructs) that create the outcomes?

I see organizations living in a time-space warp.  They are linked to idealogies and thoughtforms that hamper them moving into the next phase of existence.  I hate to say it - but the next phase of existence may be as another entity or even a merged entity.  Some business owners are so attached to the outcome of the structure as it appears, they don't even see the future of the flow of energy in the system.

The group is surprised then when someone else, with a more agile idea and concept, based in a higher level of consciousness arise out of "thin air" with a similar idea and energy and then take over the "market share."

If you were to approach things from a systems energetic standpoint, however, you would have seen such a thing occurring long before it happened.  It may even have been possible to become that organization you see taking over before the energy switched spaces.

Energy is like a river - and will end up in the space of least resistance.  Unfortunately, if you are stuck in ego and pounding the pavement of the old way (even if you think it is new), you'll see someone else doing it better before too long.  Expansion can happen quickly, especially if others are open and you are not.

What about in a personal sense?  Where is your energy flow?  Where are you blocked?

Earlier today, I was watching a short promotional video created by a renowned healer.  She showed the viewer her method for shifting energy blocks.  I replicated her technique for myself - as I have an understanding of the system she was using - and felt amazing results and certain blocks were lifted.

What it felt like was energy flowing and that "bouncy" feeling returned to my step and to my whole being.  I was living from my True Self.

The problem I see most people encounter (who are their own organization by the way) is that they perceive or have been taught that system dynamics are real.  Because they perceive systems as real, they lack the space to see the possibilities for change in a given situation.

If I seek to change an organization or system, I would first be willing to "witness" the system at work.  I would have to rise up out of the story playing out before me, look at the people and situations like a play that has a theme and then re-work the theme.  Dr. Dain Heer from Access Consciousness would use a clearing statement that starts with a willingness to "uncreate and destroy" the structure.

Let's say you have a relationship dynamic with a particular person - it seems to play out no matter what you do to try and change it on the surface.  In order for the individuals in question to act in a different play, you would need to "uncreate and destroy" the system that is currently looping or playing out on the stage of life.

Most people would freak out that they would destroy the relationship or rock the boat, be afraid to lose the person in question, or worry how not having that person in their life forever and ever would impact them.  Others would be afraid how rocking the boat or "breaking up" would appear to society and friends and "feel bad" because the people in the system were "nice."

While there are no guarantees that changing a system (or uncreating and destroying a structure) will result in the same players being in the play, I can assure you that it is possible that whatever happens, the play which comes next will be at a much higher level of consciousness - no matter who the actors are.

If the actors return - even with the same faces - the play and the people in it will not be the same.  It is absolutely possible to shift how people interact with you in a dynamic system if you are first willing to uncreate the previous structure that held them in the particular roles they are inhabiting.

Kind of like if you ran a playhouse with a group of actors and mid-season you scrapped the play they were working on, assigned them new roles and said, "I'd prefer to work on this new play now."

What would it be like to live from that level of possibility in your life?  What would it be like to have the willingness to uncreate and destroy outworn structures and truths and live from a place of fluid, dynamic energy that can create whole new Universes?

I can assure is possible and it is amazing!


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